Although the club was only founded in 1964 archers have been associated with this area of Holderness since the time of William the Conqueror, who instituted the title of Lord Paramount of the Seigneury of Holderness and expected the incumbent to provide 350 archers whenever he needed them. The archers were also used to gather taxes.

In the 17th Century, Charles II made the title hereditary and granted it to John Constable (the second Viscount Dunbar) of Burton Constable Hall and it has been held by the family ever since. John Chichester-Constable enjoyed the title of the 46th Lord Paramount until his death in 2011, after which it passed to his daughter, Rodrica, who is also Warden of the Burton Constable Company of Bowmen.

The Burton Constable Company of Bowmen was formed in 1964 when Hermes Archers lost their shooting ground and joined with John Constable, his wife Gay and their friends to form the new club. We have continued to shoot here several times a week since then and celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2014.  We will be looking forward to celbrating our 60th in 2024.